• Floor Burns

    Love, Passion and the 1967 Syracuse All-City Championship

    By M.C. Antil
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    This is the site of Floor Burns, a book on the final Syracuse All-City high school championship ever played.  The site will allow you to not merely read the book as it’s being written, but correct, edit and add to it.  This is also where you may send or share digital copies of any photos you have of that era, the games, or the schools and people at the heart of the story.  Enjoy, and feel free to bookmark this page.

  • Parochial League

    The Syracuse Parochial League was truly one-of-a-kind; ten tiny schools from ten urban parishes, each with its own ethnic makeup. Each school was K-12, so if a child entered one at the age of five, he or she would likely have the same classmates and teachers for the next 13 years.  And because the players on the teams often played together their entire lives, each squad took on a style of play reflective of the ethnic group that spawned it, meaning on Friday nights in the dead of winter a Syracuse Parochial League basketball game was often less an athletic competition than it was clan warfare with two referees and a scoreboard.

  • All-City Championship

    From 1959-67, the CNY City and Syracuse Parochial Leagues staged a title game after the regular season and before the sectional playoffs. It was only for bragging rights, but in a saloon-filled and basketball-crazed town, bragging rights mattered deeply. The much larger City League won four of the first five contests. But the tiny Parochial League pulled out the next two, including the previous year’s upset of heavily favored Corcoran by St. John the Evangelist in a game marked by a controversial call, one rife with racial overtones.  This book is about the subsequent All-City Championship, the last such game ever played.

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